Developing a New Project

String Funding brings your ideas to life.

String Funding is your one-stop-shop for all your great projects, moving seamlessly from conceptualisation to market. Whether you are just starting out with your first projects or you are a well established entrepreneur, our String Funding team and community can help you realise your projects.

Build Your Project Campaign

With String Funding you can showcase your ideas with our community all over the world. So make sure you have a great pitch video, images, script and more. Tell your audience about your idea and why your are passionate about your project. Run your ideas by friends and family, get them to proof read your concepts and to give you feedback.

Ensure you that you know what costs are involved to realise your project. Make your goal realistic and get your friends and family to support you. Build momentum - those that visit your project will want to see how your fund raising is performing to get excited about your idea.

Decide on the length of your campaign. Allow enough time to build the funds, but don’t run your project for too long as your audience will want to see the results soon. Find the right balance.

Launch Your Project Campaign

Once your project is ready to launch, get everybody excited about your campaign! Word of mouth is very powerful, so get people to talk about your idea and spread the word.

Our marketing team will help you promote your project. We like to make a lot of noise around our platform and we reach out to the wider market using many different channels. We recommend you engage in your own activities too, this will give you the best chance at realising your project.

You can use different channels to reach out to your network including email, word of mouth and social media. Make sure you explain your project well so that people understand what your project is all about. Share your campaign link, create awareness and build momentum.

Managing your Project Campaign

Throughout the life of your campaign it is important that you maintain the momentum. You can do this by regularly posting updates on your project page to engage your contributors and share compelling content.

Engage your audience with little perks and awards. Congratulate the highest contributors and run some contests for those that refer the most. Always seek new ways to connect your project to other like-minded people who can help you raise more funds and drive your project to success.

Ending your Project Campaign

Now that you have done the hard work, it is time for a last push on the final yard. Build a sense of urgency and let everyone in your network know that your campaign is ending soon. Let everyone know that this is the last opportunity to contribute to your brilliant idea.

These are just a few tips for running a successful project campaign. Remember, on String Funding your are never alone, our community managers are just a stone throw away and are here to help you get your ideas to life.