The OctoWallet and its Pre-Sale Event hopes to introduce a versatile and secure storage solution for your cryptocurrencies, allowing participants to benefit from a Pre-Sale discounted value as a form of appreciation for supporting our project.

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First Australian Hardware Wallet

What is OctoWallet?

OctoWallet envisions to be a cryptocurrency storage solution provider to deliver a complete hardware wallet platform to the financial sector and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It is a synchronous fit into the current cryptocurrency landscape and strive to provide users with the ability to store digital asset transactions in a device equipped with the highest security standards. The OctoWallet Silo will be the first of its kind to introduce a plug-in cable to a smartphone. Please visit octowallet.com for more details.
The OctoWallet Silo is designed to protect your crypto assets and send transactions securely via a mobile application. The OctoWallet contains highly intensive sustainable security, including tamper-proof mechanism, true random number generator and advanced MCU.
Fully functional on mobile phone. You can now make your transactions at any time and at any place.
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Pre-Sale Token Offering

OctoWallet Pre-Sale Token Offering (“Pre-Sale”) aims to bring people to form a community to promote OctoWallet together. At the same time, it shares marketing funds with the community which helps deliver OctoWallet value to customers via our OCT tokens. Pre-Sale event details could be found following: