Risk Warning

Crowd-funding is risky. Issuers using this facility include new or rapidly growing ventures. Contribution in these types of ventures is speculative and carries high risks.
You may lose your entire backed funds, and you should be in a position to bear this risk without undue hardship.
Even if the company is successful, the value of your tokens could be reduced if the company issues more tokens.
Your tokens are unlikely to be liquid. This means you are unlikely to be able to sell your tokens quickly or at all if you need the money or decide that this contribution is not right for you.
Even though you may have remedies for misleading statements in the offer document or misconduct by the company, you may have difficulty recovering your money.
There are rules for handling your money. However, if your money is handled inappropriately or the person operating the platform on which this offer is published becomes insolvent, you may have difficulty recovering your money.
Ask questions, read all information given carefully, and seek independent advice before committing yourself to any contribution.